Earth Day with Coclico

April 22, 2015

Coclico Spring

Coclico shoes are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and it’s an honor to collaborate with them as a brand ambassador to tell their story in honor of Earth Day. Coclio sustainably creates their shoes in their small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain from materials sourced locally in Europe. I love this quote from them:

At Coclico, we believe that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely.

I’m re-evaluating my privilege and what luxury actually is when it comes to Earth Day, shifting my ideas of how I can contribute to the health of the environment. From big decisions like purchasing a car to smaller decisions like purchasing shoes, carrying them through with intention and awareness of their environmental impact is easier said that done. But I can research what’s in my ability to choose, and this Earth Day I’d like to bring more integrity into what and how I consume products.

Whether that means buying less stuff overall (God knows my closet doesn’t need any more), getting rid of stuff, or to not buy “stuff” at all and invest in quality pieces, I hope to take my privilege to choose seriously and wisely.

Okay now back to Coclico’s darn cute shoes!

Coclico x Irenekly


The Ozark Bootie in nude nubuck.

Coclico x Irenekly


The Harlen Wedge in navy leather.

Coclico x Irenekly


The Ziggy Bootie in black leather.

Coclico x Irenekly


The Fire Heel in nude leather.

Aren’t they all gorgeous? I can attest to their comfort and durability, too. Hope Earth Day for you all is more than just one day of giving back to our environment, but a day to thoughtfully consider how we can better love this world we live in!

Ushering in Spring

March 20, 2015

It’s always a fun time when collaborating with my good friend Sammy of BUD Botanical Banditry, and even better when adding in a gorgeous dress from Modern Citizen. The loose theme around this collaboration is “Spring’s soft entrance amidst Winter’s dark,” or something high-level and sappy poetic-ish like that. Though in all honesty, watching winter light change to spring’s has been pretty amazing, and something I do want to capture. I also wanted to challenge myself to shoot in lower light and am pretty happy with the way these photos came out! Still lots to learn, but I hope I’ll always have lots to learn.

Big, big thanks to my friend Caitlin for modeling. Her graceful beauty is breathtaking, especially paired with some gorgeous BUD blooms!

Ushering in Spring - irenekly

Ushering in Spring - irenekly
Ushering in Spring - irenekly

Bud Botanical Banditry x Irenekly

Bud Botanical Banditry x Irenekly

Bud Botanical Banditry x Irenekly

Bud Botanical Banditry x Irenekly

Lo x Modern Citizen

March 17, 2015

The Internet is a funny thing. I simultaneously curse and praise it, for all the ways it’s changing…well, everything. But! One of the ways I am grateful for ze interwebs: the many great people I get to meet through it. And yes, “meeting through the Internet” is something that still awkwardly rolls off my tongue. But the redeeming thing is when I meet people like Lo and it’s not awkward and we get to create great things together.

Lo works at Modern Citizen, which is an up and coming brand started by Jessica, another amazing lady I had the pleasure of meeting. Her vision is to create clothing that fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of the modern woman, AKA pieces that are effortless, cool, and classy. Case in point? This terrific spring coat, which I am totally coveting. I had a lot of fun shooting with Lo (who is GORGEOUS, right?!), and she modeled the coat so well. It’s the perfect piece for transitioning into springtime wardrobes. I also loved getting to try my hand at shooting fashion – can’t wait ’til I get to practice more!

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly

Lo in Modern Citizen - Irenekly


Meeting Isobel of Bryr Studio

February 20, 2015

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

I’m unabashedly enamored with clogs and am growing quite the collection in my closet, so when Isobel of Bryr Studio reached out asking if I’d be interested in visiting her studio for a fun project together, I couldn’t say “Yes!” and “Huzzah!” fast enough.

Isobel’s studio in Cole Valley is absolutely wonderful and she creates brilliant designs – you can immediately tell that these are no ordinary clogs. I can attest to their comfort, lightness, and all-around perfection. I hope you enjoy this brief interview and get inspired to don some clogs of your own!

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

How did you come to create Bryr Studio? 
I worked in the fashion industry for over 18 years as a women’s knitwear designer, before deciding to take a ‘creative sabbatical’. As part of my creative break, I chose to follow one of my life-long dreams; to learn how to make shoes. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it, I was launching my own clog line.

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

What does a typical work day look like for you? 
I try to be in studio for the part of the day that is most creative for me, the morning. But first, I have to have a very big cup of coffee. Depending where I’m at with the production process, I’ll be cutting leather, lasting clogs, or packing up clogs to go out into the world. But as a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats, so the rest of my day is spent doing anything from emailing with customers to sourcing new buckles, to designing the next clog.

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

Where do get inspiration for your clog designs?
I’m inspired by the materials I work with. I’m very lucky to have several incredible leather manufacturers close by in Northern California, so my process starts with me walking their factory floor, feeling hides and searching out something interesting (and sometimes climbing ladders and reaching over piles of leather). I have my base leathers that I always use for the collection, but I like to pick up one or two hides on each trip to make something special and limited edition. This process keeps me engaged and open.
An idea for a new clog can be kicking around in my head for weeks or sometimes months. I’ll do little chicken scratch drawings, and put them up on my wall. It takes a while for the idea to ‘bake’ and it’s not a fast process. I’ll make a prototype, wear it out for a few days and think about it some more. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  When it works, somehow it becomes very simple and just right, and that’s when I know I’ve found something I want to share.

Bryr Studio Visit - Irenekly

What’s your favorite part about your job?
I love the fact that I’m building something real in the world that I truly believe in, that I get to work with my hands every day, and all the amazing people I’ve met along the way because of following my dream.

Thanks so much for letting me visit your studio, Isobel! And I can’t wait to announce another exciting collaboration we will be working on together in the future. Until then, clog on!

A Visit to Bar Tartine

February 6, 2015

Sometimes, I get to do really cool things for work, like taking a trip to Bar Tartine to photograph the restaurant and Sunday brunch, because of Chronicle Books publishing their new cookbook. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself that this really is my job.

Here are some shots of my favorites, also featured over on Chronicle Books’ blog. Definitely, definitely visit Bar Tartine – the flavors that they’ve developed there make me want to just say a bunch of paradoxical things. So divine, yet so earthy. So complicated, yet so simple. How?!

Bar Tartine Visit - irenekly

Bar Tartine Visit - irenekly

Bar Tartine Visit - irenekly

Bar Tartine Visit - irenekly

Bar Tartine Visit - irenekly

Little Families

July 26, 2014

Oh, the joys of little families! I had the privilege of photographing some really sweet moments of these two families this past summer and wanted to share some of my favorite photos.

Ali, Pete, and Cormac are a really good-lookin’ family, which made my job easy peasy. We shot this session at the SF Conservatory of Flowers and were gifted with nice overcast skies, making good lighting for portraits. Also, I seriously can’t get over Cormac. All his adorable pudge and hilarious expressions!



And next, the Lums! Brian and Irene are expecting their first baby, and have been endearingly calling him Baby Lummy (in her tummy). We traversed all over Oakland for their shoot and had a jolly time together. Irene was a trooper–it was 80 degrees out and we did quite a bit of walking! I’ll be doing another session with them when the baby is born and I am so excited. Brian and Irene will be such great parents!



Hope you enjoy!

Hey There, Summer

July 8, 2014

Summer is here and it is great

I know we’re well into summer, but it’s not too late to revel in it, right? Noticed my Instagram‘s had some unintentional patterns going on (lots of leafy greens and bright whites), so thought I’d attempt a quick poster-ish thing. I’m headed off to Kauai this Thursday and am so excited to roll around in warm sand and become bffls with sea turtles. More summery posts to come!

PS. One of those photos up there is a finalist in this Need Supply contest. If you feel inclined to vote for some stairs + legs, I would not mind at all.

Roasted Strawberry Scones (& English Habits)

October 29, 2013


Found myself subconsciously recreating an English cream tea for breakfast one morning, complete with clotted cream a friend procured for me. I miss the UK! Also, I wish I learned how to make proper tea. Anyway. Due to a surprising abundance of the sweetest smelling (and tasting) strawberries at the farmer’s market,  Sunday afternoon led to googling  “roasted strawberry scones.”  I settled on this recipe  because I strongly believe the British do scones best, especially when you want to enjoy some with a cup of Lady Grey (the enamel cup pictured here is actually from Cambridge!).

Mine turned out a little more moist than expected, maybe because I switched milk with buttermilk. I also definitely struggled with measurement conversions but hey, thanks again, Google! Either way, these are delicious and make any morning or afternoon much more enjoyable. I was almost transported to those leisurely afternoons in Grantchester, surrounded by apple trees and raucous conversation spurred on by the caffeine from tea and carbs from scones. Thanks for the recipe, The British Larder!

Flowers in Our Hairs

October 25, 2013


My wondrous bosom friend Becky and I embarked on a most fun adventure on Monday: floral wreath making! Made a stop at the SF Flower Mart, where we ruminated on which blooms and boughs would be best to fashion into wreaths. We settled for a good variety of budded eucalyptus, pink pepper branches, Cafe Au Lait dahlias, the mysterious blue flowers which I’ve sadly forgotten the name of, and picked up some floral wire.

While I was still in the middle of making my first wreath,  I looked over at Becky to see that she’d already made and donned this marvelous creation! She’s a floral genius! I love that her wreaths retain the natural, slightly erratic shape of the blooms and sprigs, yet work so well on top of her lovely head. Here are some of her masterpieces:



Very Frida Kahlo, no?


This one makes me giggle, hehe. All in all, a great day spent putting nature in our hair!

Mia + Tim Continued

October 8, 2013

Thought their gorgeous wedding is now long past, I finally got around to shooting some of the other fun elements I designed for Mia and Tim’s special day. One of the special touches at their reception was having a s’more pit, where friends and family gathered around for gooey, sweet fun and afterward could take home a s’more kit as a wedding favor! S’more love, indeed.





P.S. Had to go flower-hunting for this shoot, which happily led me to the Oakland Flower Market! Dangerous to be living so close to it, but I sense some future flora-related endeavor containing the word “wreath.”

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