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October 25, 2015

Oh boy. Last blog post was on April 22nd, which indicates a lot of things like…planning a wedding in June, getting married, not planning a wedding, and being married. All which was grand, wonderful, and better than I could have ever dreamed. And now I feel like I’ve taken a long enough break from here and it took a bit longer to come back because I wasn’t sure in what capacity I’d be “blogging” (in quotes because of my abysmal lack of posts) again.

So much I’d like to say, but I’ll try to keep it short (probably won’t actually keep it short, though…) to ease myself back into the swing of things here. There was a lot of back and forth when thinking about posting wedding photos here, elsewhere, and just the Internetz in general…I would remember how I’d hoard beautifully styled weddings on my secret Pinterest board, which also created some interesting moments of “wait, weddings don’t look like this in real life” or “wait, why am I trying to have a wedding that was someone else’s?” Also there’s something about the sacredness of our wedding in all its rawer, unexpectedly beautiful moments, and keeping it intimate and private.

In conclusion, I decided, especially with Garrett’s encouragement, to share a little bit here. Dreaming and planning for the wedding was one of the most creatively + logistically ambitious endeavors we’ve ever experienced and I’d love to share about the projects I had the most fun on in future posts and a few photos from the day now.

Garrett & Irene, photos by Nirav Patel

Garrett and Irene's wedding, photos by Nirav Patel

Garrett and Irene's wedding, photos by Nirav Patel

Details and more photos to come! But ENORMOUS thanks to our photographer and friend, Nirav Patel, who seriously went above and beyond everything. We’re so grateful to you!

Marrying Garrett was a really, really good idea. I’m so glad that we can look back on our wedding and say that yes, it was an incredible, joyous, miraculous day but that wow, the days, months, and years after it will be and are so much better.


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