It’s Gonna Be a Crazy/Good One

January 13, 2015



And by one I mean year. It’s gonna be a crazy year!

It feels a little silly announce this on the blog, because it’s been a couple months now and yep, I’ve yet again managed to neglect posting here regularly, but here goes: I’m engaged! And to the best man I’ve ever known! I’m still marveling over it, over everything.

I love this line from Garrett’s proposal (which I honestly wouldn’t have remembered without the recording): the surprise isn’t in the day we got engaged, the surprise is looking back and seeing where we started and how we’ve arrived to where we are today. The fact that I’ll soon call Garrett husband (?!?!) is something I never expected. Not just since the day we first met in music class, to the funny/awkward “dates” we went on, officially saying yes to this dating thing with him…I can go on. Star-crossed lovers we are most definitely not, but grace-guided? Maybe most definitely yes. Infinite moments of grace, when we sat with the realization that the person sitting in front of us was this nearly unfathomable person filled with different memories, tendencies, quirks. But that this other person was also becoming more familiar, more dear, and more cherished as the days went on.

Anyway. I am extremely grateful and blessed to now be engaged to this man who once was a stranger, but now is my best friend. Crazy how that happens! Crazy how two people can do that. Heh. Okay, I’ll stop talking cheese and instead move on to the video below:

Garrett & Irene: The Proposal from Diane Tsai on Vimeo.

One of the most incredible parts of the engagement day was learning that my dearest friend Diane had flown from NYC the night before and was following us around the whole day (thanks to another dear friend Michael), recording EVERYTHING!! This video is probably the greatest gift we can have to remember this day – it is so sweet to see again the moments of my complete obliviousness, hear the tremor in Garrett’s voice, and relive the incredible warmth of our family and friends celebrating. And it’s also brilliantly done, might I add! Might I also add that she creates videos for TIME Magazine. Umm…! It’s the real deal.

Okay and now…the wedding planning is in full force! It is a crazy time, guys. I don’t know how people do it. We’re trying to pull this thing off in June, and nope, don’t remind me that that’s only five months away.

Hopefully, I will be better about updating the blog with fun little things that happen along the way. I must say, getting to jump back into designing and dreaming up ideas for decoration/music/colors/everything scratch the creative itch quite well. Also, I’d love any advice or recommendations for an Oakland wedding! Any and all, please!



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